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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Ever heard of the Basque people? Elko is home to many and is the site of the 40th Annual Basque Festival this weekend. They really put on a great show this year with the Running of the Bulls. One of our city councilmen ran in the race and managed to beat the bulls!

Elko Euzkaldunak Club, Inc.

I can't imagine there are too many places in the USA that have bulls running down the street chasing local residents these days! It was lots of fun!

A new event at this year's Basque Festival was a bicycle event that is discussed here:

Elko Daily Free Press

For a small town like Elko, alot gets done by a hardy few who make things happen like Anna Alberdi and Catalina Fagoaga!!

And here is a great link to one of Elko's finest Basque women:

Basque oral History Project - Anita Anacabe Franzoia

This woman is amazing. The effort she puts in to preserving the culture and history of her family and their roots is fantastic.

Just sat through the fireworks display hosted by the community. Actually, I stood through it. Best spot in town. Up on the I-80 freeway overlooking the Elko County Fairgrounds. All the good guys and gals in Elko helped raise the money for it just like in any town across America. Only how many people get to park on the freeway and watch a display like that? The Nevada Highway Patrol troopers were parked intermittantly along the way, keeping guard as big trucks drove by.

Somewhere up in the sky, my thoughts turned to the object of the display. Freedom. What is it really? How free are we now that we've gone over to Iraq to change their course in history? How free are we to not support the President? God bless the USA.

I sort of like this guy's ranting: Urban Potato - George W. Bush has taught me something

During the fireworks display tonight, our local rock station, KLKO, played background music that was simul-casted with the show down at the fairgrounds. A recording of JFK came on. Now there was a President. But how did I know that? I was only 6 years old when he was murdered. Well, how many six-year olds know who the President is and how many six-year olds would cry if something terrible happened to him? I remember coming home from school that day, oblivious to what had just come down in Texas. Six years old, little round headed kid. Teeth missing. When I walked in, I heard my mother crying. Well, sobbing really was more like it. Then she told me. They shot President Kennedy. He's dead. I went running upstairs. I remember shutting the door to the bathroom. And falling on my knees. Crying. And the cover was down on the toilet. I put my arms on the fluffy cover and laid my head on my arms and cried. This happened. Really. I remember writing a letter to President Kennedy earlier that year. He was that kind of President. Little kids loved him. He may have had lovers. But we all loved him.

Did little kids love Johnson? Did they love Reagan? Did they love Bush Sr.? Did they love Bill? We need another President like JFK. I'm just not sold on the Bush kingdom.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Yessirree, buddy, there are lots of cool things in Elko. But the coolest thing about Elko County is that everyone wants our water, especially Las Vegas! Now that wouldn't be so bad except that Las Vegas is probably not aware that we have a unique little tradition going on around here with our mines. It's called "dewatering" and here's a little bit of info about it:

Humboldt River Basin Assessment

and another site telling about dewatering is:

Dewatering at the Mines in the Great Basin

So, Las Vegas may want it and they may never get their hands on it for a 100 years or more, for one reason or another. We just might keep what ends up being left. Besides, Las Vegas is a 6 hour drive south of Elko so who cares about their dry throats?

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